The NAI is a company limited by guarantee and was incorporated in 2003 (CRO number 366603) CHY number: 14889 Registered Charity Number 20049829

The registered office is Coleraine House, Coleraine Street, Dublin 7

The Neurological Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from the member organisations. Member groups are invited to nominate individuals to represent their organisation on the Board.

Nominations to the Board are invited each year in advance of the AGM.

The Current Members of the Board are Featured Below:

'Pascal Derrien Vice Chair' image

Pascal Derrien Vice Chair

Vice Chair of NAI » read more

'Dr Kevin Foy' image

Dr Kevin Foy

Board member representing Bloomfield Hospital » read more

'Alison Cotter' image

Alison Cotter

Board member representing Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland » read more

'Gillian Murphy' image

Gillian Murphy

Board member representing Enable Ireland » read more

'Grainne Fogarty' image

Grainne Fogarty

Board member representing The Rehab Group » read more


Dr Niall Pender

Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist and board member representing Beaumont Hospital » read more


Jimmy Smyth

Director of JKS Communications » read more


Catherine Lacey

Board member representing Acquired Brain Injury Ireland » read more


Tara Smith

Board member representing Epilepsy Ireland » read more

'Tom Scott' image

Tom Scott

Chair of NAI and board member representing Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland » read more

'Emma Rogan' image

Emma Rogan

Vice Chair of NAI and board member representing people with neurological conditions » read more

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