20.2.2018 A busy start to 2018 for We Need Our Heads Examined

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 The campaign has been busy over the past two months

1. A number of organisations involved in the campaign have met with key policy people in each of the political parties to outline the messages of the campaign and seek inclusion in upcoming manifestos. 

2. The campaign is scheduled to meet with the Minister for Health in March to review progress on the development of a national implementation plan for the neurorehabilitation strategy. 

3. The implementation plan for the national neurorehabilitation strategy is due for submission to the Minister by June 2018. The NAI and its member organisations are working to develop a comprehensive submission to this plan that addresses:

-the framework of services and supports required to meet long term neurorehabilitation needs in the community and residential settings

-the need to provide a seamless integrated journey for those with neurorehabilitation needs 

-the need to outline a framework for community neurorehabilitation that fully recognises and incorporates the role of voluntary organisations, including specialist voluntary providers, in the delivery of neurorehabilitation services. 

We look forward to keeping all our members and supporters updated in relation to this work over the coming months. 



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