Research On Neurological Effects Of COVID-19

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Please see below a series of articles exploring the potential neurological consequences of COVID-19. Please note that this research is still in its early stages and the researchers emphasise throughout that further research is required into the potential long term neurological effects of COVID-19.


Lifting the Mask on Neurological Manifestations of COVID19

Nature Reviews: Neurology August 2020

Lifting the mask on neurological manifestations of COVID-19 | Nature Reviews Neurology


Neurological Associations of COVID-19

The Lancet July 2020

Neurological associations of COVID-19 - The Lancet Neurology


The Neurological Impact of COVID-19

Lancet June 2020

The neurological impact of COVID-19 - The Lancet Neurology


Neurological Manifestations and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders, June 2020

Neurological manifestations and implications of COVID-19 pandemic - PubMed (


Neurological Complications of coronavirus infections

Neurology May 2020

Neurologic complications of coronavirus infections | Neurology

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