4.12.2020 NAI to publish key findings on neurology resourcing during Brain Awareness Week 2021

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The number of people on outpatient waiting lists to see a neurologist have nearly doubled in the last five years. In October, 22.457 people were waiting for a first-time appointment to see a neurologist.

 For the same month in 2015, there were 13,361 on the waiting list. The numbers waiting over twelve months have also increased substantially, from 2048 in 2015 to a staggering 10,560 in October this year. While COVID19 has undoubtedly led to backlogs and increased waiting lists across the system, there were already 21,990 people on the waiting list in February of this year.

How have neurology services been resourced to cope with this surge in referrals and demand for services? In 2015 we released the first national survey of neurology services carried out in Ireland, highlighting deficits in staffing, beds and access to diagnostics all across the country, especially in regional centres.

During National Brain Awareness Week (March 15th to March 21st ), in line with our theme "Access to Services" the Neurological Alliance of Ireland will be releasing our follow up survey. Five years on, we'll be examining what has changed for neurology centres who have seen an overwhelming increase in demand for their services. 

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