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The NAI welcomes the launch of the Model of Care for Epilepsy by Minister for Health Simon Harris today, providing an integrated framework for the management of epilepsy in Ireland.

The model of care is based on accepted international best practice and was developed through collaborative working between clinicians and Epilepsy Ireland and through consultation with people with epilepsy and their families.

The framework provides for:

1. A cohort of experts in nursing to manage the requirements of good quality care

2. Specialised epilepsy centres and improved management of epilepsy in primary care

3. Electronic information management through a unique patient record

4. Availability of an integrated seizure pathway for emergency care

5. Development of the epilepsy surgery programme accross two sites to provide world class access to complex but potentially curative surgery

You can download the model of care HERE

The NAI congratulates everyone involved in the development of this framework which has important learning in relation to aspects of the managment of other neurological conditions including nurse-led care, development of specialist centres and information management through the electronic patient record.


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