13.6.2013 MS Ireland launch new online resource for carers

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As part of National Carers Week 2013, MS Ireland has launched a new online care giver resource. This 60 page online resource looks at various elements of care to someone providing support to a family member or friend living with MS. It aims to provide practical information, signposting to services and support care givers in their important role.

Care givers to people with MS are usually spouses, children and/or aging parents. Caring for someone with MS can be difficult because the disease is unpredictable and so care giving needs are continually changing. Each person with MS has a different set of symptoms and disease course.

Aidan Larkin, Services Development Manager with MS Ireland authored the resource and says of its launch "We are thrilled to offer this service to care givers of people with MS. They provide invaluable and irreplaceable care and support to their loved ones, often with little recognition and support for themselves or the person they care for. The resource offers reliable information and signposting for issues that crop up for caregivers from time to time. We hope it will be an organic resource and will change and adapt as people use it".

You can visit the resource at http://www.ms-society.ie/pages/living-with-ms/carers-/being-a-carer

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