17.11.2020 NAI welcomes WHO Resolution on a Global Action Plan for Neurological Disorders

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 The World Health Organisation has adopted a resolution "Global Action on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders" at its assembly meeting earlier this month.

The resolution commits the worldwide body to develop a ten-year intersectoral global action plan which will address "the significant gaps in the promotion of physical and mental health and prevention, early detection, care, treatment and rehabilitation as well as social, economic, educational and inclusion needs of persons and families". The resolution also focuses on the need for research to improve prevention, early detection, treatment, care and rehabilitation including treatment options with the potential to cure epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

The resolution also refers to the development of ambitious but achievable global targets on reducing preventable cases of, and avoidable deaths from, epilepsy and other neurological disorders, strengthening service coverage and access to essential medicines, improving surveillance and critical research and addressing discrimination and stigma.

The World Health Organisation has estimated the cost of implementing the resolution at $36.9 million.


What does this mean: This resolution provides a vital tool for advocacy organisations like the Neurological Alliance of Ireland to campaign at country level for greater resource allocation to neurological conditions. We will be referencing the WHO resolution in our advocacy publications going forward, including in support of our 2021 Brain Awareness Week theme Promoting Access to Services

What Happens Now: The World Health Organisation will be drafting the Global Action Plan during 2021 with the aim to finalise by the end of the year. and we will be following this process closely. NAI would like to acknowledge the continued work of EFNA (European Federation of Neurological Associations) and other groups including NAI members here in Ireland in campaigning to secure this resolution. 

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