19.4.2023 Joint HSE, NAI and DFI Neuro-Mapping Project

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'19.4.2023 Joint HSE, NAI and DFI Neuro-Mapping Project' image

The Neuro-Mapping Project is a joint Health Service Executive (HSE), Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) project supported by the HSE Strengthening Disability Services Fund.

The 3 Key Outputs from the Neuro-Mapping Project Are:

  1. Unique Service Mapping Template
  2. Baseline Mapping across each Community Health Organisation (CHO) area-Examples
  3. Joint Service Initiatives between voluntary providers and HSE

The full report, summary leaflet and service mapping template are available to download below:

Attached Documents

PDF icon Neuro-Mapping Report (Neuro-Mapping_Report.pdf | 1.67 MB)


PDF icon Neuro-Mapping Template (Neuro-Mapping_Template.pdf | 1.12 MB)


PDF icon Neuro-Mapping Leaflet (Neuro-Mapping_Leaflet.pdf | 767 kB)


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