19.8.2022 WHO launches position paper on brain health

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'19.8.2022 WHO launches position paper on brain health' image

 The World Health Organisation has launched the first position paper on optimising brain health across the lifespan. Published on 9th August "Optimising Brain Health Across the Life Course" presents a framework for understanding brain health and the importance of brain health optimization for all.

The position paper provides insight into the following aspects which can support brain health:

  • physical health,
  • healthy environments,
  • safety and security,
  • learning and social connection and
  • access to quality services.

The paper highlights the benefits for public health and wider society of optimising brain health, as well as offering practical policy solutions and future directions for operationalising and measuring brain health, addressing the determinants of brain health and increasing research in this area.

The WHO position paper is available HERE

NAI organised a series of initiatives for World Brain Day 2022 around the theme of brain health including a webinar and video series. Visit our loveyourbrain.ie website HERE to view the webinar recording and video series "Conversations About Brain Health". 

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