20.12.2016: Another busy and successful year for NAI

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We wish to extend a warm thanks to all our members and supporters who helped NAI deliver a comprehensive programme of work in 2016. Most of all, we wish to extend our thanks to the people with neurological conditions and family members who shared their stories and experiences throughout the year and helped us to give a voice to the 800,000 people in Ireland living with neurological conditions.

2016 was a very busy year for the NAI and we are pleased to list just some of our achievements:

1. Launch of the "We Need Our Heads Examined" campaign for action on neuro-rehabilitation services in July 2016 supported by 15 NAI member organisations which has significantly raised the profile of neuro-rehabilitation in the media, among elected representatives and at policy level in the HSE

2. Launch of the first national audit of neurology services in February 2016 in collaboration with the neurology clinical programme. NAI and its members were closely involved in developing the model of care for neurology services, launched in September 2016.

3. A successful pre-election campaign "800,000 minds matter"

4. Seminars and workshops for Brain Awareness Week and the Future Health Summit, with NAI securing agreement by the organisers to host a Neurological Summit in May 2017. NAI also organised a seminar on rare neurological disease in January of this year in collaboration with the neurology clinical programme

5. A range of policy submissions, including submissions on a ten year strategy for healthcare, the strategic plan for the medical card unit, HSE and on the draft implementation plan for the national neuro-rehabilitation strategy. The NAI also published a pre-budget submission and 2015 annual report.

In addition, NAI began the development of a three year strategic plan which will be published in 2017.

We look forward to working with all our members and supporters in the coming year and wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.



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