20.3.2020 Statement from Neurology Clinical Programme on COVID19

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 The following guidance has been issued by the National Clinical Programme for Neurology HSE






Neurology services will continue to operate with some changes. 


Patient safety is being prioritised to limit the risk of COVID infections. For this reason, most face to face out patient clinics have been cancelled.  However, phone consultations are being provided by the Neurology teams and if clinically necessary, a face to face appointment can be scheduled in a non-COVID area if your consultant deems this to be necessary. Please note that this may be different from the normal out patient setting.


If you have any concerns about your condition, you should contact the neurology service or specialist nurse helpline that is providing your care. Please bear in mind that phone lines and neurology services will be extremely busy at this time, and that it make take some time to get through.


If you think you might have contracted COVID19, please follow the HSE Guidelines. 


This means that you should self-isolate and telephone your GP to arrange a test at one of the testing centre. Do not go to A&E without discussing with this with your GP or Neurology team beforehand.


If you are on treatment for a neurological condition and you are worried about your risks of developing COVID, you should follow the HSE guidelines of self-isolation, avoid physical contact with others, wash your hands regularly with soap, and do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. IF you have any specific concerns, you should contact your GP or your neurology team. 


For specific guidance relating to MS, Parkinsons Disease, Motor Neurone Disease or Epilepsy you can contact your specialist nurse, many individual voluntary organisations also have very useful information on their websites.




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