21.1.2022 Patients Deserve Better Coming to Sligo and Dublin

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 Our Patients Deserve Better campaign continues to roll out around the country, launching in Waterford on January 18th and coming to Sligo and Dublin in February before a national platform event in April. The campaign is calling for a hundred additional nurse specialists throughout Ireland. Nurse specialists play a crucial role in supporting people with neurological conditions as well as improving the efficacy and efficiency of care both within neurology services and in the wider healthcare system.

Since the campaign was launched on 4th October 2021, over three hundred e mails have been sent from the website to TDS and over 60 PQs have been submitted.

Our sincere thanks to our member organisations who continue to support the campaign, for more information visit www.patientsdeservebetter.ie

For details on upcoming launch events keep an eye on our social media #patientsdeservebetter

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