24.3.2021 NAI welcomes release of Discussion Paper for Global Action Plan on Epilepsy & Neurological Disorders

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 The NAI welcomes the release of a Discussion Paper by the World Health Organisation, to inform the development of a Global Plan on Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders. 

Neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability-adjusted-life-years and the second leading cause of death globally. Despite the global burden that neurological conditions impose, access to both services and support for such conditions is insufficient, especially in low and middle income countries. 

In November 2020, the World Health Organisation adopted resolution 73 10 on Global actions on epilepsy and other neurological disorders which requested the WHO Director General to develop an intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders in consultation with Member States. 

As a first step, the WHO have launched this Discussion Paper which outlines the proposed vision, strategic objectives and a set of recommended actions. 

Comments on the discussion paper can be provided to brainhealth@who.int by April 10th 2021

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