25.6.2013 New report highlights mixed views of community and voluntary organisations

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A new report by the Advocacy Institute provides a rare glimpse into the views of those making policy towards those trying to change it. Entitled "In Other Words: Policy Makers Perceptions of Social Justice Advocacy" the report is based on thirty three interviews with politicians and civil servants as well as representatives of state and semi state organisations.

While the overwhelming view in the research was that NGO lobbying was valuable, policy makers questioned the connection between those doing the lobbying and the people they were representing. In addition, a number of policy makers saw that the work they did also made them social justice advocates, something which was not always recognised by NGO advocates.

The research was undertaken by seven social justice advocates from a range of organisations. The Advocacy Institute is a three year community and voluntary project that promotes understanding, awareness and effectiveness of social justice advocacy in Ireland. It is supported by Atlantic Philanthropies.

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