27.7.2018 Slight drop in numbers waiting for neurology but increasing trend continues

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 June figures from the NTPF show a slight decrease in the total number of people waiting for a first time outpatient appointment to see a neurologist. April figures were 20,027 in total, with 6,750 people waiting more than 12 months. June figures showed a slight decrease in the total numbers waiting at 19,777 but the proportion waiting more than 12 months remained largely the same at 6,742. 

Of significant concern, as of June 2018 over 4000 people are waiting more than 18 months to see a neurologist. The NAI has called for €3m investment in neurology services in the forthcoming budget to tackle waiting lists and target critical shortages in neurology staffing nationwide. 

You can download the NAI pre budget submission here. 

You can contact your local TDs to ask for their support using our handy web tool here 

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