29.9.2012: Irish MEP's support Europe wide policies on MS healthcare

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On 13th September 2012 the European parliament adopted the Written Declaration on tackling Multiple Sclerosis in Europe. The declaration was put forward by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP). Eleven of the twelve Irish MEP's signed the declaration, showing their overwhelming support for better standards of care for people with MS accross Europe.

The declaration calls for action at both a European and a national level. At a European level, the declaration calls on the European Commission and Council to:

-encourage closer scientific collaboration and comparitive research on MS, within the framework of Horizon 2012 (the European research funding programme)

-promote, in their reflection process on chronic disease, equal access to treatment and flexible employment policies for people with chronic neurological disorders such as MS

At a national level, the declaration calls on member states to:

-enhance equal access to quality care, for example by using certified educational training tools (Such as MS Nurse Professional) to develop, standardise and benchmark specialist nursing staff training

-support the European register for MS by encouraging patient data collection at national level

The NAI warmly welcomes the support of Irish MEP's for this declaration. NAI and its members will be seeking the support of Irish political representatives both in Europe and here at home for a wide range of issues affecting people with neurological conditions as Ireland gets ready to host European Brain Month in May 2013

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