31.8.2012 HSE cuts will impact significantly on people with neurological conditions

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Just one week after the NAI highlighted the critical issue of long waiting lists for people waiting to see a neurologist, the HSE announced a number of cuts which will impact directly on people with neurological conditions and their families.

Cuts affecting staffing, home care and personal assistant supports will impact further on waiting lists and hospital care and also increase the numbers of people with neurological conditions who have to be admitted to hospital or nursing home care.

Speaking in relation to the cuts, Chris Macey, Chair of NAI highlighted the significant impact on people with neurological conditions. "In June 2012 we carried out a nationwide survey of cares of people with neurological conditions. People were already stretched to their limit as a result of government cutbacks, these further cuts will reduce home help further, some people were only getting one or two hours a week as it stands". Speaking further, Mr Macey noted that the cuts are directly in contrast with stated government policy which aims to keep people with chronic conditions in their own homes "These cuts just don't make sense in the light of this stated policy. Today sees the launch of the Alzheimer Society's Living well with dementia. If we are serious about meeting the needs of people with dementia and their families, we have to prioritize supporting people in their own homes".

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