7.7.2017 Neurological Alliance UK launch landmark report on mental health and neurological conditions

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A landmark report launched yesterday by the Neurological Alliance in the UK, examining mental health issues among people with neurological conditions and the challenges in getting treatment for these conditions

This report provides an invaluable insight into an issue that has received very little attention to date but has been regularly flagged to NAI by its member organisations

Main findings

1. People with neurological conditions are actually at greater risk for co morbid mental health problems than people with any other chronic illness

2. People with neurological conditions experience a range of problems in getting treatment for mental health issues, both within neurology services and by mental health services

3. Mental health issues represent a significant challenge to people with neurological conditions in living well with their condition, impacting hugely on their quality of life, their adherence to treatment and their ability to cope with their symptoms

4. Carers of people with neurological conditions also suffer significant mental health issues which are not addressed.

You can read the report in full at  http://neural.org.uk/updates/281-parity%20of%20esteem%20mental%20health 

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