8.3.2013 Mounting concern about the withdrawal of mobility allowance

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NAI is aware of mounting concern and anxiety among people with neurological conditions in relation to the withdrawal of the Mobility Allowance Scheme and Disabled Drivers Grant. The Department of Health announced the closure of the scheme on 26th February.The Department states that the the step is not intended to cut costs and that €10.6 million euros remains committed to meeting the transport needs of the relevant people.

The Department of Health has established a consultation review process with representation of those people affected.

However, the Neurological Alliance is very concerned that there is no completion time line for the work of this review and that people with neurological disability are in effect left in limbo after 26th June when payments cease.

The NAI is encouraging people with neurological conditions impacted by this decision to contact their local TDs. NAI is supporting the work of the Disability Federation of Ireland to highlight this issue and ensure that an alternative scheme is put in place as soon as possible to meet the transport needs of those with a neurological disability.

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