9.12.2016 National Audit of Trauma Services Launched today

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A national audit of trauma care in Ireland, launched today, outlines a number of recommendations for improving the care received by trauma patients, including those with neurotrauma.

The reports recommendations focus on the following

1. Recommended improved data gathering on major trauma including retention and recruitment of MTA co-ordinators

2. Health services need to accomodate the changing demographic of trauma victims, with an increase in older patients sustaining trauma (TBI still reflects a younger cohort)

3. Need for more focus on prevention, especially low level falls

4. Equity of access to trauma care is required to maximise patient outcomes

One third of severe TBI were not referred to a specialist neurosurgical centre which is recommended best practice

5. Development of trauma teams and ICU capacity

6. Functional and quality of life outcomes of patients need to be incorporated into MTA


A national trauma strategy, due to be published in 2016 is still awaiting publication

Today's audit can be downloaded here

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