27.3.2012: Alzheimer Society call for action on dementia

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The Alzheimer Society of Ireland will today call on cross party TD's and Senators to support progress towards the development and implementation of a National Dementia Strategy for Ireland as an urgent priority.

The Alzheimer Society will today issue a reminder to Government to take note of rising dementia figures as it launches its new report "Getting on with Life: Action Plan for living with dementia".

About 44,000 people have dementia in Ireland with numbers set to double every 20 years, by 2041 there will be 147,000 people with dementia in Ireland.

Last year represented a pivotal moment for people affected by dementia in Ireland when the new Government prioritised dementia as a health issue and under the Programme for Government, committed to developing a national dementia strategy by 2013.

Since then, due to resourcing issues and the prioritisation of other policy areas, work on the National Dementia Strategy has slowed and in the Government's most recent report card there was no mention of work in this area. This is a huge concern to those living with dementia and their families.

You can support the Alzheimer Society's call for action by loggin on to



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