1.8.2012: Help us to campaign for better rehabilitation services

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The Neurological Alliance of Ireland, the umbrella group for neurological charities, have launched an online survey to ask people with neurological conditions about their access to rehabilitation services

Rehabiltiation refers to the supports and services that people with neurological conditions need in order to cope with their condition.

Ireland has a dismal record when it comes to rehabilitation services.

Only one in six people who need to can access our national rehabilitation centre. We have the lowest number of consultants in rehabilitation in Europe. There are long waiting lists and lack of supports that other countries take for granted.

By completing our ten minute survey, you can help NAI to campaign for better rehabilitation services. We aim to use the results to target the media, politicians and the HSE to highlight the situation and point out that it cannot continue.

Please give ten minutes of your time to help us by clicking here to go directly to our survey.

Closing date for responses is Friday 17th August 2012.

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