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19.11.2013 NAI supports written declaration on neurodegenerative diseases in the workplace

The NAI is lending its weight to an initiative by the European MS Platform to get as many MEPs as possible to sign up to a Written Declaration on Neurodegenerative Diseases in the Workplace. » read more


18.11.2013 NAI makes submission to hearings on end of life care

The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children is holding a series of public hearings on end of life issues. » read more


14.11.2013 Launch of Sligo Neurological Institute

NAI congratulate Professor Tim Lynch and Dr Kevin Murphy on the launch of the Sligo Neurological Institute on 14th November. » read more


31.10.2013 NAI to launch information campaign about neuronetwork

In the coming weeks, the NAI will launch an information campaign to health professionals about the Neuronetwork website. » read more


23.10.2013 Leading neurologist highlights her concerns over medical cards

Professor Orla Hardiman, Consultant Neurologist, gave an interview on RTE radio yesterday in which she raised her concerns over the growing difficulty in accessing medical cards for her patients. » read more


15.10.2013: Today's budget raises concerns for people with neurological conditions and their families

Today's budget represents few signs of positive investment, and some concerning developments for people with neurological conditions. » read more


9.10.2013 Launch of MS Atlas shows shortfalls in Irish services

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) have launched their 2013 Atlas of MS which provides an overview of Multiple Sclerosis across the world. » read more


9.10.2013 A pre budget plea from a person with a neurological condition

In response to NAI's request to people to write to their TD in advance of the budget, see below a letter from Willeke, a person living with MS. » read more


7.10.2013: View NAI presentation at Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children

On 26th September, the NAI made a presentation outlining its pre-budget submission to members of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children NAI stressed the impact of successive years of cutbacks on the over 700,000 Irish people living with neurological conditions. » read more


30.9.2013 NAI issues joint pre budget statement

NAI joined with seven other health and disability organisations and umbrella groups today in calling on the Government to demonstrate its commitment to people with disabilities and mental health needs in the upcoming budget. » read more


26.9.2013 NAI presents to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children

NAI joined with other health and disability representative groups this morning, presenting a summary of points from their pre budget submission to members of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children. » read more


24.9.2013 NAI signs up to Capacity Bill amendments

The NAI is part of a working group examining the implications of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Bill 2013. » read more

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