April 2016 NAI Submission on Draft Implementation Framework for National Neurorehabilitation Strategy

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The NAI submission on the Draft Implementation Framework for the National Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy is availble to download below:

The comprehensive submission was developed following an indepth consultation with NAI member organisations and outlines in detail the concerns of the umbrella in relation to the draft implementation framework that is proposed. The main concerns are:

1. The inadequacy of the plan as a framework for addressing the range of needs of people with neurological conditions living in the community, as envisaged and committed to within the Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy.

2. Fundamental weaknesses and gaps in the implementation plan that make it unfit for purpose to support the implementation process

3. Unacceptable delays and lack of progress in relation to implementation of the Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy to date (the Strategy was published in December 2011, a draft implementation plan was only finally released for stakeholder consultation in February 2016).

The comprehensive response by the NAI outlines clear recommendations for significant revision of the draft implementation framework.

Attached Documents

PDF icon NAI submission on Draft Implementation Plan for the National Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy (Neurological_Alliance_of_Ireland_Response_to_Draft_Implementation_Plan_for_National_Neurorehabilitation_Strategy.pdf | 942 kB)
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