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March 2017 Inaugural Position Paper Irish Brain Council

As a member of the IBC, NAI was one of the key drivers of this report, which outlines the agenda of » read more


August 2016 NAI Response to the Call for Submissions on a Ten year Strategy for Healthcare

The NAI response to the call for submissions from the Joint Oireachtas Committee for the Future of Healthcare is available to download below. » read more


July 2016 : NAI Pre-Budget Submission 2017 now available to download

The NAI Pre-Budget submission is available to download below. » read more


June 2016 Support Our Call for Revision of Draft Implementation Plan for the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy

In February 2016, four years on from the publication of the National Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy, a long awaited draft framework for its implementation was released for consultation by the HSE. » read more


April 2016 NAI Submission on Draft Implementation Framework for National Neurorehabilitation Strategy

The NAI submission on the Draft Implementation Framework for the National Neuro-rehabilitation Strategy is availble to download below: The comprehensive submission was developed following an indepth consultation with NAI member organisations and outlines in detail the concerns of the umbrella in relation to the draft implementation framework that is proposed. » read more


March 2016: NAI submission on Draft Strategic Plan for National Medical Card Unit HSE

The NAI response to the call for submissions on the Draft Strategic Plan for the National Medical Card Unit welcomes some positive changes aimed at improving contact with service users and simplifying the process of applying for a medical card. » read more


March 2016: Factsheet: Living with a Neurological Condition in Ireland

Summary of findings from NAI 2014 survey Living with a Neurological Condition in Ireland » read more


February 2016: Report of NAI conference on Rare Neurological Conditions

The report of the NAI conference "Rare Neurological Conditions in Ireland: Exploring Challenges in Research & Treatment" is available to download below. » read more


February 2016: Summary Findings from First National Audit of Neurology Services in Ireland

In a joint collaboration with the Neurology Clinical Programme, NAI carried out a national survey of all eleven neurology centres nationwide, questioning them in relation to staffing numbers, dedicated neurology beds, access to neurodiagnostic testing and access to key supports in the community such as neurorehabilitation services, palliative care and home care packages. » read more


January 2016: NAI Election Campaign 2016: Campaign Leaflet on Neurorehabilitation Services

The NAI manifesto calls for the development of neurorehabilitation services which are essential to support recovery and prevent disability for people living with neurological conditions. » read more


January 2016 NAI Election Campaign 2016: Briefing Document on SSNO funding to neurological charities

The NAI Election Manifesto 2016 calls for immediate action to protect vital supports for people with neurological conditions and their families which are provided by neurological charities. » read more


January 2016 NAI Election Campaign 2016: Campaign Postcard

Download the NAI Election Campaign Postcard below which you can give to canvassers or bring to your local TD's constituency offices. » read more

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