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2.6.2015 NAI response to call for submissions on Disability Act and NDS implementation plan May 2015

Download the NAI response to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality call for submissions on the operation and effectiveness of the Disability Act and the NDs implementation plan. » read more


27.5.2015 Report on NAI & Irish Brain Council Joint Conference

Download the report on the NAI & Irish Brain Council Joint Conference March 2015 » read more


18.5.2015 NAI article on the National Neurorehabilitation Strategy

NAI was asked to write an article on the national neurorehabilitation strategy for MS news spring summer edition. » read more


13.4.2015 NAI submission to the draft model of care for neurology

NAI submission to the draft model of care for neurology produced by the Neurology Clinical Programme. » read more


27.2.2015 The role of not for profit organisations in supporting research into neurological conditions in Ireland

Download our report in advance of our keynote conference for National Brain Awareness Week 2015, examining the support for research into neurological conditions provided by not for profit neurological organisations. » read more


19.1.2015 NAI feedback on Rehabilitation Medicine Programme Draft Model of Care

This document presents feedback on the Draft Model of Care for the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinical » read more


7.11.2014 NAI submission to review of Part 4 Disability Act (genetic testing)

The NAI submission (November 2014) to the Review of Part 4 of the Disability Act (genetic testing) is available to download below. » read more


3.11.2014 NAI & Irish Hospice Foundation: Palliative Care Needs of People with Advancing Neurological Conditions in Ireland

NAI & Irish Hospice Foundation joint research study on palliative care needs of people with advancing neurological conditions Based on interviews with staff and volunteers in NAI member organisations, this joint research project examines the palliative care needs and experiences of people with advancing neurological conditions from the perspective of voluntary organisations. » read more


12.8.2014 NAI Pre Budget Submission 2015

The NAI pre budget submission for 2015 highlights key areas such as addressing the issue of discretionary medical cards, the need to invest in neurorehabilitation services, addressing changes in benefits and entitlements which have impacted negatively on people with neurological conditions and their families and the need to protect vital services provided by neurological charities. » read more


30.6.2014 NAI submission on the review of medical card eligibility

The NAI submission includes the result of a survey with health professionals, people with... » read more


29.5.2014 NAI submission on proposed framework for universal health insurance

Download the NAI submission (in 2 parts) on the 2014 proposed framework for universal health insurance. » read more


12.3.2014 NAI Submission on Advanced Care Directives

March 2014 » read more

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