20.7.2022 Capacity Review of Disability Services Highlights Lack of Access to Neurorehabilitation

 On July 15th the Dept of Health published its long awaited Capacity Review of Disability Services: projecting need up to 2032.


This is the first time that the state has provided a clear projection of the levels of unmet need and the funding required to deliver existing services over the next ten years. The data evidences the disability services that are currently provided, and service gaps. 


Many of the areas of need identified are relevant to people with neurodisabilities, although there is in an insufficient focus on unmet need for the type of community-based services that are required by people with neurological conditions: most of whom live in the community and require a range of flexible responsive services at different stages in their care.


The review does however specifically reference the substantial unmet need in relation to neurorehabilitation services:


The National Policy and Strategy for the Provision of Neurorehabilitation Services has identified a major shortfall in timely access to neurorehabilitation" (page 26)


The report outlines the cost of putting in place the managed clinical network of neurorehabilitation services outlined in the three year Implementation Framework for the Neurorehabilitation Strategy (2019-2021)


The full Capacity Review is available to download HERE