9.7.2019 UK report launched today echoes many of the experiences of Irish Neurology Patients

'9.7.2019 UK report launched today echoes many of the experiences of Irish Neurology Patients' image

The Neurological Alliance in the UK has today published the findings of a survey of over 10,000 people living with neurological conditions. The survey focused on three main themes of accessible, personalised and holistic care and support (including social care, mental health support and financial security.

One third of patients waited more than 12 months to see a neurologist, this is exactly the percentage we found here in Ireland in our "Living with a Neurological Condition" survey launched in March of this year.

Similarly, patients had concerns around the information given to them at the time of diagnosis, with 43% of respondents in the UK survey not given written information at the time of diagnosis.

Our patient experience survey published in December 2018 found similar concerns, with 52% of patients reporting they did not get sufficient information at the time of diagnosis.

Overall findings from the UK survey show that the experience of people with neurological conditions remains poor and the report issues strong recommendations in relation improving access to services, particularly to address regional variations.


Other key findings from the Neuro-Patience report:

-39% saw their GP 5 or more times before being told they needed to see a neurologist

-38% do not have access to a specialist nurse but would like to have this support

-55% reported delays in accessing healthcare

-30% have not been referred or signposted to mental health support but would like this

-34% believe that they do not see a specialist often enough to meet their needs


For us here in the Neurological Alliance of Ireland, the report echoes many of the experiences of Irish people with neurological conditions while flagging issues such as mental health support and social care which we need to examine from an Irish perspective.


Download the full UK report here

Download the NAI survey report from March 2019 "Living with a Neurological Condition in Ireland" here