29.08.2023 NAI Marks 20th Anniversay with Launch of 5 Year Strategic Plan

'29.08.2023 NAI Marks 20th Anniversay with Launch of  5 Year Strategic Plan' image

NAI launched their 5 year Strategic Plan at an event this week to mark the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland.

The event, attended by NAI members and stakeholders including representatives from across the health services, neuroscience research and neurological services, also celebrated the partnership between the patient umbrella and Professor Orla Hardiman as she prepares to step down from a five year term as National Clinical Lead for Neurology. 

Speaking at the event, NAI Executive Director Mags Rogers noted:

"Professor Hardiman has been a champion of patient organisations throughout her career: helping to found the Neurological Alliance in the core belief that patient representative organisations should be true and equal partners in health service delivery. 
For us in the Neurological Alliance, the last 5 years have been just one part of a 20 year long journey where we have grown to be recognised national voice working together for better neurological care. As we launch our latest Strategic Plan: we are committed to increasing and strengthening our impact in order to achieve our vision of an Ireland where people with neurological conditions can achieve their best in life"

The plan is available to download below: