25.6.2020 Plan for Re-Opening Neurology Services Published

 Plan for Re-Opening Neurology Services Published


The Neurology Clinical Programme has published a consensus statement on the re-opening of neurology services post COVID19. The document is a comprehensive plan for how services can be provided in the context of social distancing, with an emphasis on increasing the use of telemedicine where appropriate and safety in clinical settings.

The document outlines that neurology services will come under increasing pressure as a result of COVID19 due to:

-managing already extremely high waiting lists pre-Covid

-dealing with the backlog of outpatient appointments/procedures which were cancelled during the COVID outbreak

The document highlights the need for investment in neurology, neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation services in order to address the impact of the lockdown on top of an already underdeveloped and underresoured network of neurological care services nationwide.

You can download the document in full below