21.12.2018 Neurological Care and HSE Service Plan 2019

 The 2019 HSE Service Plan was published yesterday with a number of specific commitments in relation to services for people with neurological conditions 

Neurorehabilitation Services: (page 52) Commitment to commencing implementation of the National Policy and Strategy for Neurorehabilitation Services 2011-2015 through the commencement of a pilot project in CHO's 6 and 7

Dementia Services (page 60) A number of commitments to implementation of National Dementia Strategy including maintaining provision of memory resource rooms, rollout of dementia education in primary care, continued delivery of "Understand Together" information campaign, development of national clinical guidelines on the use of psychtropic drugs in dementia and development of an appropriate model for a national dementia registry. 

Trauma (page 68) 

Progress implementation of a trauma system for Ireland through recruitment of a clinical lead and national office for trauma services, designate the major trauma centre and trauma units and prepare the implementation plan for the further recommendations of a Trauma System for Ireland

Neurology (page 69)

Service enhancements in deep brain stimulation, narcolepsy and spina bifida through the clinical programmes. 

Appointment of an advanced nurse practitioner in the paediatric neurosurgery service Temple St

Implement the HSE response to the Valproate Plan to ensure the safe prescribing of Epilim (Valproate) for women of childbearing age. 

The Full Service Plan can be downloaded here