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As an umbrella organisation for other charities, it is particularly important that the Neurological Alliance of Ireland acts as a positive example in all aspects of governance. We have built the trust of our members and funders and we work hard to retain that trust.

Overview of NAI Governance:

  • In 2019 our Directors signed off on our compliance with the Charities Governance Code and now review it on an annual basis.
  • We undergo an independent financial audit on an annual basis and our statutory Financial Statements are made publicly available on our website. 
  • In addition to our statutory Directors’ report, we produce in-depth Annual Reports reviewing our achievements against our strategic goals.
  • We have a strong Strategic Plan 2023-2027 with annual operational plans overseen by the Board
  • We are compliant with all relevant legislation including the Charities Act 2009, the Companies Act 2014, the Lobbying Act 2015, GDPR, employment legislation and equality legislation.
  • We have a wide range of policies and controls in the areas of financial and risk policies, HR policies, volunteer, board and governance, health and safety, data protection and complaints/feedback policies.