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Neuromapping Project

In 2022, the Neurological Alliance of Ireland commenced a joint project with the Disability Federation of Ireland and the Health Services Executive to identify and map services for people with neurological conditions living in the community.

Publications from Phase 1 of the Neuromapping Project are available to download below:

Full Report from the Neuromapping Project (Phase 1) 

User Friendly Leaflet About the Neuromapping Project (Phase 1)

Summary Phase 1 Report 

Service Mapping Template

A further phase of the Neuromapping Project will be rolled out in three CHO (HSE Community Health Organisation) areas from January 2024. Phase two will seek to further understand the current service and support pathways that occur between existing and developing statutory and voluntary community services for people with neurorehabilitative needs in CHO s 2,3 and 6. The information obtained will inform the implementation of the National Neurorehabilitation Strategy. Further details on Phase 11 of the Neuromapping project can be found at Neuromapping Phase 11