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NAI Manifesto for the European Elections 2024 Available to Download

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TIME TO LISTEN to People with Neurological Conditions Throughout Europe

Over 300 million people throughout the EU are living with a neurological condition and according to the World Health Organisation one in three Europeans will experience a neurological condition at some point in their lifetime. Here in Ireland, over 860,000  people are living with a neurological condition, 50,000 people are diagnosed with a neurological condition in Ireland each year and that number is set to increase significantly as our population ages. On June 7th, elections will take place to elect 13 MEPS to represent Ireland in the European Parliament.



Call for Candidates in Ireland running for the upcoming EU elections to commit their support for Neurological Conditions 

  • Support calls for the EU Commission to provide an implementation platform to facilitate the implementation of the World Health Organisation Intersectoral Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and other Neurological Disorders (IGAP)
  • Prioritise neurological conditions: Champion neurological conditions as a top health priority within the EU, advocating for increased research funding and equitable access to innovative treatments
  • If elected, join the MEP Interest Group on Brain Health and Neurological Conditions

Download the Manifesto at EU Election Manifesto