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Neurological Alliance of Ireland Briefs Oireachtas Members in Leinster House

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Commitment from Government must reflect the scale of the challenge represented by neurological conditions, which now represent the leading cause of disability worldwide and affect over 860,000 people across Ireland. Over 50,000 people are diagnosed with a neurological condition in Ireland each year, and that number is set to grow significantly with the rise in neurological conditions associated with an ageing population. 

This was the strong message brought the Neurological Alliance of Ireland to Oireachtas members today, in a presentation which saw clinical healthcare leaders, patient advocates and patient organisations come together in a unified voice to call for the implementation of key healthcare strategies in neurology, neurorehabilitation, stroke and dementia services. 

Ireland, as a member of the World Health Organisation, has signed up to the Intersectoral Global Action Plan for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, a ten year global framework to improve access to treatment, care and quality of life for people with neurological conditions.

The coalition from across the neurological community in Ireland, highlighted that emerging treatments and recent investment in services provide new hope for people throughout Ireland living with these conditions. However they warned that the current recruitment moratorium as well as delays in implementing key policy recommendations risk undermining this Governments legacy and called for a renewed focus to deliver on commitments outlined in the current Programme for Government. They also pointed to the need for future administrations to prioritise investment in healthcare for people with neurological conditions in order to meet Ireland’s commitments under international frameworks. 

The meeting issued a call for further support to implement the National Strategies for Stroke, Dementia and Neurorehabilitation and the Models of Care for Neurology, Epilepsy, Stroke, Specialist Rehabilitation and Dementia.

You can download the handout from the event at AV Room Handout April 24th

You can download a copy of the press release at AV Room Press Release April 24th